[kepler-dev] Additional menu items

Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Sun Jan 22 17:34:01 PST 2006

Dan (& Laura) -

Thanks for the insight. The "new" kepler menus are in fact just "old" 
kepler/ptii menus, but rearranged per Laura's design, so I should be 
able to add the menu items you mentioned, just by editing the config file.

Laura - can you please give us some guidance on where these items should 
go, and what they should be called?

As a side note, all the new menu items (should ;-) work fine, and are 
all in the correct order, but some of them will not yet have their 
newest names, per Laura's design - they may still have their old ptii 
names for now (eg "SaveAs" instead of "Save As"). This is due to a bug 
with the new system; it should be fixed fairly soon. (menus that are 
completely new do not yet appear - they will need implementing in code 
before they can be added - this may take a little longer...)



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Dan Higgins wrote:
> Matthew,
>    Congratulations on getting the new Kepler menu layout working (and 
> the ability to change the configuration)!
>    However, it looks likes we left out a couple of menu items that I 
> just recently learned to appreciate! --- namely 'Instantiate Attribute' 
> and 'Instantiate Entity' under the 'Graph' menu.
> I must admit that I did not understand just what these menu items were 
> used for until recently (and I might have suggested to Laura that we 
> leave them out in Kepler).
> 'Instantiate Attribute' allows the user to add attributes to the 
> workflow by name. This allows one to add attributes that are not in the 
> Kepler Actor Ontology tree to a workflow! (And we have not included all 
> the ones in Ptolemy.) Similarly, 'Instantiate Entity' allows one to add 
> actors; there are many Ptolemy actors/directories that we have not 
> included in our actor ontology and I have already been asked by several 
> users how to add such actors to workflows without having to recompile 
> the whole Kepler system. It also turns out that whole new actor classes 
> can be added using this menu item (i.e. new classes).
> So I think these two menu items should be included in the new menu 
> layout, probably in the Workflow menu. Maybe Laura will want to change 
> the menu item names?
> Dan

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