[kepler-dev] [Bug 2341] - MENUS: Top-Level Menu - Some mapped menu items not working

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Fri Jan 20 21:00:34 PST 2006


------- Additional Comments From brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu  2006-01-20 21:00 -------
This was happening because we were setting the Action.NAME, and the ptii code
uses the menu name to create a Factory to respond to the menu selection. I have
currently commented out the code that changes Action.NAME (since this was also
the cause of bug #2342) - however, this means that any menu items that should be
renamed for Kepler do not actually get renamed - they still have their old names
(specifically File->New->Graph Editor *should* be File->New Workflow->Blank, and
File->SaveAs *should* be File->Save As). Suggested fix shown further down the

Here's the culprit code (discovered by Christopher):

It looks like
is being called but for XML view and JVM properties the factory is

In the line marked --->, the factory is null for XML view

    /** Listener for view menu commands. */
    class ViewMenuListener implements ActionListener {
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
            // Make this the default context for modal messages.
            System.out.println("TableauFrame.actionPerformed()" + e +
                    " " + _factoryContainer);
            if (_factoryContainer != null) {
                JMenuItem target = (JMenuItem) e.getSource();
                String actionCommand = target.getActionCommand();
                TableauFactory factory = (TableauFactory) _factoryContainer

--->            System.out.println("TableauFrame.actionPerformed(): factory "
                        + factory);
                if (factory != null) {
                    Effigy tableauContainer = (Effigy) _tableau.getContainer();

                    try {
                        Tableau tableau = factory
                    } catch (Throwable throwable) {
                        // Copernicus might throw a java.lang.Error if
                        // jhdl.Main cannot be resolved
                        MessageHandler.error("Cannot create view",

            // NOTE: The following should not be needed, but
            // appears to have a bug in swing where repainting doesn't
            // properly occur.
In lieu of commenting out the Action.NAME assignment, however, it would be nice
if we could fix the above code so it looks for an Action first - something like

snippet from your quoted code, with new code added:

  JMenuItem target = (JMenuItem) e.getSource();

//NEW CODE -----------
  String actionCommand = null;

  Action action = target.getAction();
  if (action!=null) {

    //the following should be OK because GUIUtilities.addMenuItem()
    //automatically adds each incoming JMenuItems as a property of
    //the Action itself - see diva.gui.GUIUtilities.addMenuItem(),
    //line 202, ans so does kepler/src/exp/ptolemy/vergil/basic/
    // BasicGraphFrame.storeSubMenus() line 2519...

    JMenuItem origMItem  = (JMenuItem) action.getValue("menuitem");
    if (origMItem!=null) {
      actionCommand = origMItem.getActionCommand();
    } else {
      actionCommand = target.getActionCommand();
  } else {

//EDIT THIS ORIGINAL CODE - delete the "String":
    actionCommand = target.getActionCommand();
//        String actionCommand = target.getActionCommand();

//NEW CODE - close bracket:
// END --- 


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