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Deana Pennington dpennington at lternet.edu
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-distributed resources
-distributed scientists

obviously, Kepler could be used for applications outside of science, but 
since we're all focused on SCIENTIFIC workflows is seems reasonable to 
me to focus on scientific resources.  It's not limited to 
eco/environmental kinds of applications, as clearly demonstrated by a 
domain specific actor library that includes genetics and chemistry.

I need a word to put in the following sentence:
"And because Kepler is based on state of the art grid technologies (see 
Appendices, Section 5.2), data and analytical processes from other 
scientists can be exposed and utilized within Kepler.  This is done via 
the XXXGrid, which is basically a set of geographically distributed data 
repositories, computing resources, and (eventually) workflow libraries."

I can substitute "distributed computing technologies" for grid in the 
first line, but Kepler will be accessing a specific set of distributed 
resources (those that the authentication system can handle) and I need a 
term for that set of resources.

My [incomplete] ontology of the distributed resources, where some other 
term can be substituted for grid if we can find a better term, and there 
already exist many other specific grids that could be inserted into this:


Distributed resources can be allocated at different scales in the 
hierarchy.  EcoGrid would only apply to those resources that are domain 
specific to ecology.  BiosphereGrid would include the resources across 
disciplines within that set (e.g. all of the environmental observatory 
data taken together).  ScienceGrid would include all the generic 
resources, like some data mining algorithm that could be used by any of 
the domains.  What I want is a term for ScienceGrid at the top of the 

Hopefully this helps define the vision, or at least will generate 
additional discussion.


Mladen Vouk wrote:

> Good point. What is the vision?
> Thanks
> Mladen
> Shawn Bowers wrote:
>>I think that a problem here is that there isn't really a shared
>>vision for what this thing you're trying to name will actually
>>be when it grows up ...
>>Deana Pennington wrote:
>>>I'm working on the Getting Started with Kepler document that Sam and 
>>>Laura started.  I'm trying to make it more generic, less specific to 
>>>ecology since other sciences are now heavily represented as well.  I 
>>>think it's time to settle on a generic term for the Grid being accessed 
>>>from within Kepler, subsets of which can always use more specific terms 
>>>(e.g. EcoGrid).  My suggestion would be to go with something simple like 
>>>Science Grid, or SciGrid.  Thoughts?  Are there other terms that we need 
>>>to resolve before the documentation effort gets going in full force?
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