[kepler-dev] Icons in the *DataSource actors

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Tue Jan 10 06:46:16 PST 2006

Matthew Brooke wrote:

> Laura (also Kevin & Dan) -
> Sorry - the states that I know about are 'busy' (currently red), 
> 'ready' (currently yellow) and 'error' (currently pink). Not sure if 
> there are any more.
Those are the states:  busy, ready, and error.  BTW - the error color is 
called "magenta" in the code.

I think a consistent background icon with some overlays would work 
fine.  Flashing might be more difficult to do because we'd have to code 
timers etc and as others have stated can be visually distracting.  I 
think overlays (text + icon of some kind) would work best.  If we are 
going to use flashing, then I think an animated overlay would be much 
more appealing and probably just as difficult to code.

> I also think I recall seeing a discussion on IRC or by email about 
> having the datasources *not* get their data before the workflow is run 
> - was that conversation between Dan and Kevin? Can either of you guys 
> summarize what you decided?

I asked Matt about this in the past, and I don't think this feature is 
up for negotiation.

> m

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