[kepler-dev] GriddLeS Actors missing from screen...

jagan Jagan.Kommineni at infotech.monash.edu.au
Mon Jan 2 20:47:01 PST 2006

Hello Chad,

        I have changed the contents of  
"configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler/ontologies/keplerActorOntology.owl" to 
make all the griddles actors
in a griddles folder  which is under  Actors folders. I have also added 
one subfolder named "gridlets folder" to the "griddles" folder to store
actors when created by  JGridletActor at runtime. I have updated the 
contents in cvs repository.

        With the previous version (before kar), I was able to create and 
see the dynamically created actors. I have used the following 
methodology to create actors dynamically,

      GriddlesExec wss = null;         
      KeplerLocalLSIDService service = KeplerLocalLSIDService.instance();
      AnnotationEngine engine = 
      _actorNameStr = actorName.getExpression();
      wss = new GriddlesExec(new EntityLibrary(), 
      Iterator lsidIter = service.getLSIDFor(wss);
      boolean isUpdated=false;
      while (lsidIter.hasNext()) {
    String nextLSID = (String) lsidIter.next();
        if(keyLSID.equals(nextLSID)) {
      service.updateLSID(nextLSID, wss);
      engine.addActorAnnotation(nextLSID, "PreConfiguredGridletActor");
      System.out.println("UPDATE: " + nextLSID);
      if(!(isUpdated)) {
        String newLSID = 
        service.assignLSID(newLSID, wss);
    engine.addActorAnnotation(newLSID, "PreConfiguredGridletActor");
    System.out.println("NEW: " + newLSID);       
The full code is available in cvs repository at 
I am getting a null pointer exeception. Could you mind to advise me 
whether I can able to use this approach for creating actors dynamically.
This step is very crucial for GriddLeS actors to work with in Kepler 
environment. Any sugestions please.


with regards,

Jagan Kommineni


>> Chad Berkley wrote:
>>> Hi Jagan,
>>> For some reason, the griddles class got ommitted from the ontology.  
>>> i added it back in so they show up now.  i wasn't sure where to put 
>>> them so i stuck them under grid actors.  if that's not where they 
>>> go, feel free to alter the ontology.  It's under 
>>> configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler/ontologies/keplerActorOntology.owl. 
>>> You'll just need to change the sublass to whatever you actually want 
>>> it to be.
>>> chad
>>> jagan wrote:
>>>> Hello Chad,
>>>> I have just checked out cvs repository of kepler.
>>>> I run the following commands
>>>> ant full-clean ptolemy
>>>> rm -rf ~/.kepler
>>>> ant buildkarlib
>>>> ant run-dev
>>>> I haven't find GriddLeS actors which were there before but I can 
>>>> look at kar files in the directory $KEPLER/kar.
>>>> Could you mind help me to fix this problem?
>>>> with regards,
>>>> Jagan Kommineni

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