[kepler-dev] SRB Down

Lucas Gilbert iktome at sdsc.edu
Thu Feb 23 16:33:22 PST 2006


The tomcat is still running. But it looks like the SRB went down for a bit.
seek	orion.sdsc.edu:7613 	UP FROM Thu Feb 23 16:12:42 2006

I don't know what caused it to go down. The other SRBs running on orion
were unaffected. I guess try downloading again and see if the SRB goes
odwn on the hotpage. Downloading shouldn't have any such effect, so it was
probably a coincidence.


On Thu, 23 Feb 2006, Dan Higgins wrote:

> Lucas,
>     I see from http://srb.npaci.edu/hotpages.html that the seek zone of
> the SRB is down. The time seems to be about when I tried accesing
> ecogrid data and got some of the data to download, but other downloads
> failed. Nothing worked the next time. Did my ecogrid downloads cause
> Tomcat to crash?
> Dan

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