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Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Thu Feb 23 13:35:03 PST 2006

Dear Keplerites,


Thanks to Matthew and Tim, the new svg icon files have been slimmed down so
we are ready to "turn them on" and will be doing so in the next build.   I
have made a first pass at assigning the new icons to all the current actors
in Kepler.  However, I'm sure I got some of them wrong so need your help.
Those of you working with specific workflows or creating actors will know
them better than I do.


So in the next build, please take a look at the new icons in the workflows
or actors you work with and let me know if we need to make adjustments with
a different symbol assignment and/or whether something is atomic or
composite.   I'm happy to make the adjustments to the properties file just
let me know which ones to make.  There is a catch-all symbol for things that
don't fit.


The new symbols can be viewed on the wiki at:




Scroll down to the next to last section titled Symbology.  There are three
families of icons:  display, model, and stand-alone.


The display category contains:







The model family contains:





Cellular automata

Logic based

Rule based

Individual based


The stand-alone symbols include:

Command line

General (this is the catch all symbol)

Database Query



File Operation



R program

Signal Processing

Spatial Processing





[As a side note, in doing this initial assignment, I discovered we may need
a few additional categories for things like string and array operations, and
control operations (like sleep, stop, switch) and for low level things like
put, get and web service etc. so I have made a note of those things as
possible symbol additions in our next release after 1.0.]



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