[kepler-dev] BinaryFileReader bug.

Efrat Frank efrat at sdsc.edu
Wed Feb 22 23:30:19 PST 2006

That's true, previously when it was reading just a single file, it 
returned false for 'nBytesRead <= 0'. Now it requires an else. Thanks 
for picking it up. I'll check in the fix tomorrow morning (or 
alternatively you can check it in if you'd like).

Tristan King wrote:

>There is a small bug with the BinaryFileReader, the postfire() method
>broadcasts 2 tokens (one true, one false) everytime it completes a file.
>I fixed this by encapsulating the
>endOfFile.broadcast(BooleanToken.FALSE); on line 185 in an else
>statement so the function goes something like this:
>if (nBytesRead <= 0) {
>	.....
>} else {
>	endOfFile.broadcast(BooleanToken.FALSE);
>Let me know if this is an adequate fix.

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