[kepler-dev] Getting off the CVS notification lists

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at ucdavis.edu
Wed Feb 22 21:38:50 PST 2006

These are different lists I think, and the list-admin of the cvs list
should be able to unsubscribe you (I think it's Matt ..)

In fact, I have the following in my .procmailrc

* ^(from).*bugzilla-daemon at ecoinformatics.org

thus any mail sent from bugzilla-daemon is filtered out before I see
it (but I can still visit that filter if need be..)


>>> On Wed, 22 Feb 2006 19:56:42 -0800
>>> "Edward A. Lee" <eal at eecs.berkeley.edu> wrote: 
EAL> Is there any way I can get off the CVS notification lists
EAL> for Kepler without getting of the kepler-dev list?
EAL> I can't handle the volume...
EAL> Edward
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