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Nandita Mangal nmangal at sdsc.edu
Wed Feb 22 10:39:11 PST 2006

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As discussed in Kepler meeting , we are creating kepler documentation 
based on Ptolemy's documentaionFramework :

1)A doc/doclets/PtDoclet.java reads Actor java files and generates xml using the DTD at
ptolemy/vergil/basic/DocML_1.dtd.  These .xml files are in kepler-docs/dev/documentationFramework/generatedJavadocs.

Both kepler as well as ptolemy javadocs are generated and the resultant XML files are in the generatedJavadocs folder.

The javadocs are named with extension "*.doc.xml" to avoid mixup with Kepler src/actors XMLs.

2) The Javadocs Doclet contains the basic info fields and tags, and also contain a "UserLevelDocumentation" tag, to 
allow Kepler to create separate "UserDocumenation" pages as well for the same actor.

 Ports Summary (Port Name + description)
 Parameters Summary (Parameter Name + description)
Sample Demos (To be added)

_User Documentation Fields_
 Ports Summary (Port Name + UserLevelDescription)
 Parameters Summary (Parameter Name + UserLevelDescription)
Sample Demos (To be added)

A sample javadoc XML file and its two user/developer HTML files created 
are attached.
The final documentation pages are in 
kepler-docs/dev/documenationFramework/generatedHTMLPages/user (or developer)
The main page with the ontology tree links to actors is 
"FinalUserDocumentation.html (or FinalDeveloperDocumentation.html) in 
generatedHTMLPages folder.

3)In progress: Fully integrate the "customizeDocumentation" feature as 
implemented by Ptolemy on canvas.

Any comments/errors please let me know.


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