[kepler-dev] Demo workflows to be linked from the welcome page of Kepler

altintas@sdsc.edu altintas at sdsc.edu
Wed Feb 22 10:20:09 PST 2006

> Hi All,
>     Your suggested requirements for examples are quite resonable, but it
> seems to me that we need a lot more that one example per project --- in
> fact, the more the better. One of the nice things about Ptolemy is the
> ability to get to a large number of examples. I think the original
> Intro.html page was good - it has direct links to a few workflows plus
> links to more extensive lists of demos (Ptolemy, R, ENM/GARP, etc.)
>     Although maybe you don't need this on the Welcome page, but we do on
> the screen that appears through the Help menu.
>     Also (although I missed the meeting where this was discussed and may
> be off the mark), the "Scientists" or "Programmers" only links in the
> Welcome page seem slightly insulting to me. Lots of people are neither
> (engineers?), many are both. Rather than categorize the user, perhaps we
> should describe the information (Basic/Advanced?)

Hi Dan,

I agree with this. We should have as many WORKING workflows as possible in
the alpha. So any of them would be great.

An important issue is to communicate to the user how the workflows can be
used even if they don't work off-the-shelf. Zhijie's comments below aim to
find the information related to this issue. And since we have a few days
till Alpha 9, it would be a good start to have one workflow each from GEON
and SEEK as an example.

Also, I agree with your comments on the Basic/Advanced categorization for
the welcome page.


> Dan
> ----
> Zhijie Guan wrote:
>> Hi, Efrat and Dan,
>> Ilkay and I are working on the demo workflows that will be linked to
>> the welcome page of Kepler. We think one workflow for each GEON and
>> SEEK project should be included as the representatives of the
>> workflows contributed by these two projects. Could you please
>> recommand one workflow for your project?
>> Since the workflows are going to be used for demonstrating Kepler, we
>> hope the workflows can satisfy the following requirements:
>> 1) can be run on any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix);
>> 2) don't need any other software;
>> 3) don't access any password-protected data (end-users don't want to
>> get an account & password to run the demo workflows);
>> 4) don't need any settings (like the actor parameters, path of
>> temporary directory in different OS, etc.) Basically the end user just
>> wants to open the workflow, click the "run" button, and see the magic.
>> 5) If the workflows use any database and/or web services, please make
>> sure the database and web services are available at most of the
>> reasonable time.
>> 6) don't let the user wait too long (better less than 1 minute to
>> finish the execution).
>> I have Mac and Linux systems. So I can help for testing if needed.
>> Thank you in advance!
>> Zhijie
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