[kepler-dev] Splash screen and corresponding changes

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Mon Feb 13 15:00:52 PST 2006

As a follow up, the second experiment of putting selected lines from 
_createEmptyConfiguration() into invokeLater() calls also helped out 
greatly.  I cannot inherit the VergilApplication and reimplement the 
_createEmptyConfiguration( ) method because of some critical private 
data members (configuration for one).

After a few more hours of hacking we'll probably end up with all the 
splash functionality in VergilApplication itself.  This does have at 
least one added benefit because VergilApplication will know exactly when 
to bring the splash down so there will be no need for a timer.  I don't 
feel completely comfortable with the work I'm doing now because I don't 
really understand the deeper Ptolemy/Vergil issues and don't have access 
to all the test cases.  Christopher, if you can, I'd like to leave this 
in your court to finish.

> The first experiment (removing the invokeLater from main()) was 
> promising.  Now to coerce VergilApplication._createEmptyConfiguration() 
> to use invokeLater().

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