[kepler-dev] org.monash.griddles.JCOG* actors and compile/runtime dependencies on globus

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Fri Feb 10 10:46:28 PST 2006

Hi all.

I've looked at the 4 actors added recently to the org.monash.griddles
package which supposedly have dependencies on the 49 jars added to
lib/jars/cog-4_1_3.  The actors I've looked at are:  JCOGGridFTP,
JCOGPROXYExec, JCOGWorkflowEditor, and JCOGWorkflowExec.

There are no compile time dependencies on any jars in cog-4_1_3 for any
of these actors.  I've looked pretty carefully at the code, and they
don't appear to reflect to classes in these jars either.  What they
appear to do is use exec to run java using the main method in the following:


It passes the current vm's classpath to the exec.

I think it would be best if none of these jars are put on Kepler's
classpath.  Instead, these actors should hand off to the subprocesses a
classpath just for the use of the globus provided tools.  It would
probably work to construct the classpath by using the installed root
directory of Kepler (is this the KEPLER env var?), and append each of
the jar names seperately.

Also, the JCOGWorkflowExec actor has some hard coded path names
"C:/qsb_amipxx-OUT/stdout", "C:/qsb_amipxx-OUT/stderr", which is doubly
bad.  They are window's paths and why exactly should these files exist?


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