[kepler-dev] Tips for adding new actors

Zhijie Guan guan at sdsc.edu
Wed Feb 8 18:01:09 PST 2006

FYI, the following are some tips I got when I tried to add actors  
into Kepler. I would like to share them with you since I don't think  
these steps are on our website.

1. When adding a new actor, the developer needs to create a new  
directory with (usually) the actor's name in $KEPLER/src/actors. The  
new directory should contain two files: one is YourNewActorName.xml,  
the other is MANIFEST.MF. The developer needs to give two ids for the  
new actor in these two files. The last known ids of all the actors/ 
kars are recorded in $KEPLER/src/actors/README. Remember to use the  
next available ids for your actor and update the README file.

2. When you want to add a new sub-directory in the actor library, you  
should edit the file $KEPLER/configs/ptolemy/connfigs/kepler/ 
ontologies/keplerActorOntology.owl. I remember originally we should  
edit the file ontology.owl. But now it does not work in that way  

3. The MANIFEST.MF file for the actor seems a little bit picky. For  
example, if I write "type: actorMetadata " (a blank space followed  
the actorMetadata) in my MANIFEST.MF file, it won't work. But Kepler  
won't report any error message. It took me one hour to figure this out.

Hope these helpful!


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