[kepler-dev] Kepler start up problems

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Mon Feb 6 12:56:52 PST 2006

Christopher Brooks wrote:
> Ah, my bad.  I'm removing ~/.kepler, which is not c:\Documents*\cxh\.kepler.  
> I guess I should either program or pay attention but not both. :-)
> Maybe we could have a schema version number or something and autoflush the
> .kepler directory when the version increases by a major number?
> _Christopher

I've thought about that quite a bit and think it's not such a bad idea 
although I think we should provide a simple mechanism which instructs 
the user to how to flush the cache (maybe some day we'll have a 
migration strategy).  It should be at least included in the release 
version.  I would like to see that "critical application failure" thing 
we've talked about before for things like this.  I have created a static 
method to put all these things (org/kepler/moml/StartupInitialization) 
we just need a way to handle the exceptions comming from it.  BTW - That 
class didn't raise the exception you got (it came from CacheManager when 
it tried to create the PreparedStatement), but that is where I would put 
the test for db-schema revision.


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