[kepler-dev] DataSource Icon troubles

Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
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No final decision has been made on how to deal with the state changes
Matthew and I discussed things and put in an interim solution today and we
will work on some other alternatives at a later date.  I see that state
changes are being discussed at the dev meeting and I plan to gather
information there to make sure we are addressing everything we need to.
Once I've done that we'll get some possible solution mocked up and go from

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I want to beat on one little point, not because it has *anything* to do 
with looks but a whole lot to do with functionality.
>  However, the way the code currently 
> works, I could not get the actor to use the new SVG icons easily,
This is really what we need to work on.  Do you have any ideas what we 
need to do to be able to use the wiz-bang svg configurable icons *and* 
have the ability to provide some kind of state feedback?

One thing to think about, do we want different types of data sources to 
have different outline shapes or different state feedback mechanisms 
(squeal like a pig -vs- turn pinkish-purple from the Geraldine Giraffe 
Garanimals collection)?

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