[kepler-dev] DataSource Icon troubles

Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Thu Feb 2 13:43:51 PST 2006

I don't know what you mean Dan -- the data source icons (the file folders)
are still yellow (maybe a little golder) after the data is successfully
downloaded.  Am I misunderstanding something?  Or perhaps Kevin is trying
some different colors with the "currently downloading" and "error"
conditions of the data source icons.

I haven't been using the latest version of Kepler so haven't seen what you
are referring to.

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OK - I see we have changed the data source icon colors again! And now I 
can barely even see the icon in the default configuration and the color 
change when not busy is barely perceptable to me
Granted, I am on the verge of being color-blind, but I am not alone in 
this and I had no trouble with earlier versions of the actors!


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