[kepler-dev] SRB Put problems

Tristan King tristan.king at jcu.edu.au
Wed Feb 1 22:51:21 PST 2006

Hi again everyone

I'm having some trouble figuring out the SRB SPut actor.

I'm getting the following error when i try and run the SPut actor

java.lang.ClassCastException: ptolemy.data.ArrayToken
     at org.srb.SPut.fire(SPut.java:166)

I've attached the code for my directory polling actor and my workflow
xml for you all to play with. Just untar the tar into kepler/src/,
you'll have to add <include name="au/**"/> to the build.xml in the copy
src files section, line 339, if anyone can give me any info on how i
should actually name my packages that'd be great (au.edu.dart is just a
temporary thing till i find out about naming standards). You can always
just ignore my stuff and switch the DirectoryPoller and Sleep actor with
a constant containing an array of local file names in it (which i've
also tried and received the same errors).

I'm probably doing something wrong, but i'm buggered if i can figure out
what :)

thanks everyone

Tristan King                            | Ph: (07) 4781 6911
DART project team                       | Email: Tristan.King at jcu.edu.au
James Cook University                   | Web: http://dart.edu.au
Townsville QLD 4814                     | http://plone.jcu.edu.au/dart/
Australia                               |

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