[kepler-dev] Welcome Zhijie Guan and Norbert Poshorszki

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Wed Aug 2 13:35:34 PDT 2006

Dear All,

I'd like to welcome Zhijie Guan and Norbert Podhorszki as a member of  
the Kepler project.

The Kepler members are voted by the existing Kepler members (Please  
see: http://kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp?page=GettingInvolved) after a  
brief period of apprentice membership.

Norbert and Zhijie were voted in by others during last week. Below  
are a short description of their interests and background.

Zhijie Guan has ben working on the CIPRes project on phylogeny in  
collaboration with the myself and Tim McPhillips. He coordinated the  
wok on he recent specialized CIPRes/Kepler release ( ftp:// 
ftp.sdsc.edu/outgoing/guan/cipresKepler_Dist.tgz) and is the lead  
developer on Kepler/CIPRes. Zhijie also contributed to the design of  
the Kepler authentication framework (http://www.kepler-project.org/ 
Wiki.jsp?page=KeplerAuthenticationFramework) and implemented it.   
Zhijie has a PhD in computer science from University of  Alabama, and  
will be continue to work with us at SDSC on CIPRes and SDM projects,  
I believe he will be great addition to Kepler members.

Norbert Podhorszki has ben working on the CPES project on fusion in  
collaboration with the SDM project for a while. He has developed a  
very useful one-time ssh package and documented it in a technical  
note,  a job package to submit a remote script to a remote place and  
check its status regularly for CPES strictly,   developed several  
complex kepler workflows based on these packages for the DOE CPES  
project; special features include mechanisms for "smart restart" (not  
to be confused with smart rerun), and finaly, he recently contributed  
to the discussion on the provenance framework and designed a large  
workflow to test the Kepler provenance utility. Norbert has a PhD in  
computer science and I'm sure he'll be a great member of the Kepler  


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