[kepler-dev] list of connected ports on a given channel

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 1 04:14:49 PDT 2006

I think that Port.connectedPortList() will return all the immediately
connected ports.  You can then filter this using IOPort.isInput() or


At 02:06 PM 7/31/2006, Norbert Podhorszki wrote:

>I would like to create the following information for a port:
>for each channel of the port
>    list of the directly connected ports of the opposite type (input/output)
>Not the remote sources or receivers, but the immediate neighbours.
>What I need is to determine, when a port is sending token on channel X,
>that what ports the token is "going" through (including transparent
>ports). Similarly, when a token is get()-ed at (an opaque) input port,
>then which port (immediate neighbour) is it coming from (logically).
>Do you have such method already at hand, or an idea, how to create it?
>At least for opaque ports?
>At least a solution that is fine for {SDF,PN,DDF} domains?
>At least a solution where there are no buses only single-wide channels?
>Many thanks in advance
>PS: I am completely lost in the forest of ports, relations, links and
>receivers; insides and outsides; the many kinds of lists of entities I can
>get; and the only logically existing notion of channels (after both
>studying the design doc and the code).
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