[kepler-dev] [Bug 2412] - Unable to Create Kar file from composite

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Wed Apr 26 13:42:23 PDT 2006


------- Comment #1 from berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu  2006-04-26 13:42 -------
The reason you cannot create a kar file from an instantiated composite is that
the changes to the moml are not saved in the current workflow which makes it
impossible to get a handle on the composite's class file (.xml file).  Another
issue is that if you drag a composite instance to the canvas, then change it,
ptii will want you to overwrite the composite's class file.  This even happens
for TypedCompositeActor.xml.  If a user were to do that, all of the composites
would change.  Unless this behavior is changed, I do not think we can allow
users to drag Composite instances.

Unfortunately, that fact also causes the problem in number 2.  I'm not sure why
you can't create a class from a composite that has linked ports.  That seems

All of these problems stem from the fact that ptii handles composites much
differently than it handles atomics.  Unless we can somehow manage to merge the
two concepts, I don't think 1 and 2 can be resolved.  

I will work on re-creating #3.  This may take some debugging though, since I'm
not sure what the exact steps were to cause this error.

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