[kepler-dev] problem with building documentation

Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 25 14:30:04 PDT 2006

In addition, Nandita can you be sure that the docs continue to build 
even if one MoML doc exhibits an XSLT transform error like this -- 
basically an error in one docuemnt shouldn't prevent the process from 
completing for the rest.  Thanks.


Matt Jones wrote:
> Dan -- that's often due to having some binary characters before the <? 
> xml version="1.0"?> prolog.  I've most often seen this with UTF 
> documents that are not properly serialized or declared.  Change the 
> encoding of the document and I'll bet it will work.
> Matt
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>>Hi Nandita,
>>    I had not rebuild the documentation in awhile, and when I did today 
>>I get a BUILD FAILED error (shown below)
>>     [xslt] Processing 
>>EST.MF to 
>>     [xslt] 
>> Fatal Error! Content is not allowed in prolog.
>>     [xslt] Failed to process 
>>C:\work\kepler\build.xml:1121: The following error occurred while 
>>executing this
>> line:
>>C:\work\kepler\build-doc.xml:29: Fatal error during transformation

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