[kepler-dev] remote display of Kepler & drag&drop

Norbert Podhorszki pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu
Tue Apr 25 11:18:22 PDT 2006


I am trying to use Kepler on a very remote machine, going in with ssh -X 
(through an intermediate machine).
In such extremely awfully unbearably slow circumstances, dragging the 
actors from the tree to the display does not work.
Had anyone such experience? Is this kepler specific, or java awt issue?
Dragging the actors of a workflow on the screen works - although there is 
no one in the world who can wait for it, except me.

In a similar silly testing - going to a remote machine and come back using 
ssh -X  - running kepler on my own machine behaves similarly. However, the 
dragging looks like working: the icon of dragging appears on screen. But 
the drop part does not work.

Any idea, how to use Kepler remotely?



      Norbert Podhorszki
      University of California, Davis
      Department of Computer Science
      1 Shields Ave, 2236 Kemper Hall
      Davis, CA 95616
      (530) 754-8188
      pnorbert at cs.ucdavis.edu

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