[kepler-dev] Error running kepler

Sivagowri Swaminathan sivagowri at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 16 14:12:30 PDT 2006

I am trying set up the kepler environment in my windowsXP machine.
I was able to checkout and build the kepler project with the helpful replies of Christopher, Dan and Matthew.
But I am unable to run kepler as i am having problems with cacheManager.java.
I debugged the application and found that, An exception occurs when it tries to create a prepared statement, called insertStatement i.e. line 111 in CacheManager.java
Kepler App gets initialized but it tries to insert a record in the cacheContentTable table and then fails.
The kepler app is able to find the hsql library and it can even get a DBconnection object. But when it tries to create the prepared stmt for cacheContentTable, it errors out.
can somebody suggest what I am missing in my project...any jar files or something?
I have the PTII project as a subproject in the kepler environment and so 
I didnot include the jar files of PTII in the project properties, except diva.jar.

I have attached the stack trace for your kind perusal.
A quick note: The Building of kar archives created a directory in C:\Document and Settings\ USER\.kepler directory, but its contents were .kepler\ cache --> from which it picks up cacheManager.java
and the .kepler\kar is empty.
All the kar files are created in the usual kepler\kar folder only.

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