[kepler-dev] [Bug 2318] - Copyrights of subpackages need to be handled

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------- Comment #2 from cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu  2006-04-13 15:01 -------
I'm assigning this to Dan because he is the release master.
I'm not sure if there is time to do this or not, it is Dan's call.

What needs to happen is that for each package that is being shipped,
which really means each jar file, java file or possibly data set,
we need to determine the copyright, create an html file that describes
the copyright and update the
_applicationCopyrights configuration parameter so that it is an array of
records of the form

This seems like a huge task, maybe it needs to be distributed to the
actor authors.
It could be done as part of 
"Conflicting jars and classpath reduction"

I suspect this needs to be done before 1.0, since technically some of the
packages probably require that the copyright get shipped somehow. 

I can help out here with the Ptolemy side of things if the copyright facility
in Ptolemy needs enhancing.  However, I probably don't have the time to
track down very many package and generate .html files myself.
A good template file can be found at
Note that the file name is jai-copyright.htm.  I use the package name so
I can easily distinguish between all the copyright files in my editor.
Maybe the file should be called "copyright.htm"?  I dunno.

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