[kepler-dev] Reg. problem running kepler

Sivagowri Swaminathan sivagowri at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 13 01:38:30 PDT 2006

Hi Christopher, Dan and Matt

Thanx for your replies. I got all the files out of kepler with the -P option and built it. I am still unable to run it as i am having problems with cacheManager.java.

I debugged the application and found that, An exception occurs when it tries to create a prepared statement, called insertStatement i.e. line 111 in CacheManager.java

The kepler app is able to find the hsql library and it can even get a DBconnection object. But when it tries to create the prepared stmt for cacheContentTable, it errors out.

Does this problem ring a bell to any of you?
can somebody suggest what I am missing in my project...
as usual I have attached the stack trace for your kind perusal.

A quick note: The Building of kar archives created a directory in C:\Document and Settings\ USER\.kepler directory, but its contents were .kepler\ cache --> from which it picks up cacheManager.java
and the .kepler\kar is empty.
All the kar files are created in the usual kepler\kar folder only.


> To: sivagowri at hotmail.com
> CC: kepler-dev at ecoinformatics.org
> From: cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
> Subject: Re: [kepler-dev] Reg. problem running kepler 
> Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 09:26:46 -0700
> Hi Sivagowri,
> I updated the Kepler/Eclipse install instructions, see
> http://www.kepler-project.org/Wiki.jsp?page=UsingEclipseForKeplerDevelopment
> You should use org.kepler.gui.KeplerApplication instead of
> VergilApplication.
> I apologize for any confusion here.
> Also, I selected ptII as a subproject instead of using ptolemy.jar 
> and ptolemy-doc.jar. 
> I can reproduce the ClustalW error in a tree when working from
> within the Cygwin bash shell
> I checked out a clean ptII and kepler tree and did
>   ant ptolemy buildkarlib run-dev
> and got
> >kar:
> >     [echo] Generating kar file: ClustalW
> >
> >C:\tmp\cxh\kepler\build.xml:806: The following error occurred while executing th
> >is line:
> >C:\tmp\cxh\kepler\build.xml:826: Manifest file: C:\tmp\cxh\kepler\src\actors\ClustalW\MANIFEST.MF does not exist.
> >
> >Total time: 55 seconds
> Dan's excellent suggestion of running cvs update -P -d fixes this for
> me.  I did not see this error in when running from Eclipse though,
> I only saw it when building from the shell.
> _Christopher
> Dan writes:
> >    The problem with the missing manifest files was probably due to 
> > checking out kepler without the -P switch. This option in CVS removes 
> > empty directories. [CVS never removes directories, so you have to 
> > 'prune' empty ones.] This may well be a problem even beyond building KAR 
> > files. So I suggest you checkout kepler again using the -P switch.
> Matthew writes:
> --------
>     Hi Siva -
>     Don't want to step on Christopher's toes, but I know he's busy, and I 
>     don't think this is a Ptolemy problem, so here goes...
>     I don't use Eclipse, but have seen similar problems with JBuilder. The 
>     error message about "could not parse the argument '-kepler'" is 
>     typically misleading, since the real cause is often something entirely 
>     different, and you have to look further down the stacktrace for the real 
>     problem. In your case, I see this:
>       "...Caused by:
>       java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.kepler.gui.LibraryPaneFactory..."
>     - so I'd check that org.kepler.gui.LibraryPaneFactory is indeed present 
>     in your source directory, and has been compiled successfully to your 
>     build directory, and that the build destination is on Eclipse's classpath.
>     (Since you had some manifest files missing, it sounds like you may have 
>     an incomplete checkout of the kepler tree, so it would be worth 
>     checking, if you didn't already)
>     Other problems like this have been caused for me by:
>     1)  not having the configuration files in the IDE classpath, too. My 
>     current classpath additions for config files and other resources are as 
>     follows:
>     /Users/brooke/dev/KEPLER/kepler
>     /Users/brooke/dev/KEPLER/kepler/lib
>     /Users/brooke/dev/KEPLER/kepler/lib/images
>     /Users/brooke/dev/KEPLER/kepler/configs
>     Try adding those in Eclipse if you didn't already
>     2) by the (yourHomeDirectory)/.kepler directory being corrupt/out of 
>     date/otherwise wrong. To fix this, you can delete the 
>     (yourHomeDirectory)/.kepler directory, the kepler/build directory, and 
>     also the kepler/kar directory, and then do an "ant buildkarlib run-dev"
>     Good luck!
>     m
>     ---------------------------------------------
>     Matthew Brooke, Ph.D.
>     Marine Sciences Research Building, Room #3407
>     University of California
>     Santa Barbara, CA  93106-6150
>     ph: (805) 893-7108   fx: 805-893-8062
>     brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
>     ---------------------------------------------
>     Sivagowri Swaminathan wrote:
>     > Hi Christopher
>     > 
>     > As per my last email, I had problems running the ant for building kar fil
>    es. some actors did not have manifest.mf files in their respective folders. 
>    So I deleted those actor folders in kepler directory and the ant build was s
>    uccesful.
>     > 
>     > Now my problem is running the kepler from eclipse. As given in the docume
>    ntation, 'using eclipse to build kepler', I gve arguments as -kepler and vm 
>    arguments as -Dkepler and -DPTII etc and chose PTII's vergilApplication as m
>    ain class. But when I run, it produced some errors saying , it could not par
>    se the argument '-kepler'. In fact, the error happens for any argument and n
>    o argument cases.
>     > 
>     > I am unable to debug through it, as PTII is a seperate project and is not
>     inside the kepler workspace.
>     > can you please suggest some workaround?
>     > 
>     > I have herewith enclosed the error's stack trace for your kind perusal.
>     > How do I get kepler running?
>     > 
>     > Thanx
>     > Siva
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