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Nandita Mangal nmangal at sdsc.edu
Thu Apr 6 15:03:10 PDT 2006

Hi Ilkay,
Regarding missing ImageReader javadocs...for some reason javadoc package 
ptolemy.actor.lib seems to miss some files in that package.
It happened before witth TimedPlotter,XYPlotter, as Dan pointed out. 
Adding individual packages such as ptolemy.actor.lib.gui/image
solves the problem.I am updating build.xml to add the specific image 
folder....and now it shows up.

Let me know if any other actors have missing docs as well....


Ilkay Altintas wrote:

>This is one of the problems with the current documentation.
>It is possible to chain the documentation of the extended class to the
>existing class, but most of the time it doesn't make much sense to do it.
>(The purpose of the port is more specific, etc.) We fixed this in the
>implementation before by introducing a new tag and overwriting the
>existing chained documentation in the code as javadoc if the user wanted
>to update it.
>I brought this as a potential problem in the meeting in February, but I
>believe Edward said the chaining worked and the user can customize it if
>necessary. I'm not sure why it is not showing up in the documentation.
>Another problem with the documentation is the classes in Ptolemy. I get an
>exception when I try to open some of the Kepler classes checked into
>Ptolemy. (example: ImageReader)
>On Thu, April 6, 2006 12:49 pm, Matt Jones wrote:
>>I updated the EML200DataSource documentation this morning to try to show
>>what I thought would be a good level of granularity for the actor
>>documentation.  It now displays in Kepler if you run 'ant generateDoc'
>>before you run 'ant run-dev'.   However, for some reason the Parameter
>>documentation does not display -- it just says "No description".  Any
>>idea of how to fix this? The 'trigger' and 'output' ports inherited from
>>the superclass also show up as 'No port description', but I think you
>>already knew about that issue.
>>Nandita's HTML version of the actor docs shows all of the documentation,
>>including the Parameter docs. However, it ignores the HTML formatting
>>that I embedded.  It seems it would be nice to be able to deal with that
>>because we need a way to provide some formatting in longer documentation
>>sections.  The html tags are probably being escaped in the XML output
>>and so probably are not being recognized by the XSLT processor.  Nandita
>>-- what do you think?
>>Jing -- can you review the EML200DataSource documentation for content to
>>be sure I didn't make any mistakes -- I pretty much rewrote it all.
>>Dan Higgins wrote:
>>>   You may be interested in just seeing the list of actors currently in
>>>Kepler that were created at NCEAS under SEEK. [May be incomplete.]
>>>Actors created by NCEAS
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>>>-- Chad --
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