[kepler-dev] problems with annotations

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Fri Oct 21 09:59:16 PDT 2005

Hey Matt and Shawn,

In looking into the problem of getting the port attributes (mainly the 
semantic types) to propegate through new kar files, I've run into a 
fundamental problem with the way PTII handles ports on the canvas.  The 
<port> entity is not actually added to the model until the port is 
changed.  Hence, when you drag an actor to the canvas, if you look at 
the xml view, there are no moml ports included.  This is true until you 
actually change a port property, then it updates the model with the port 
information.  The problem with this is, even though i'm now adding the 
port semantic types to the moml in the kar file, they don't show up in 
shawn's semantic type editor until you actually edit the port.  I'm not 
sure what to do about this.  any ideas?

Shawn, another bug I found is that the sms system isn't using the 
semanticTypeX properties that i had in the actor metadata.  Instead, 
it's creating another property called _semType.  Because of this, we're 
ending up with two annotations per actor.  This will probably get fixed 
when you update the sms stuff, right?


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