[kepler-dev] Location of Annotation File and Parameterizing AnnotationEngine/OntologyCatalogy

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Nov 17 10:03:28 PST 2005

That file is generated automatically from the the kar subsystem.  You 
should not have to edit it.  if it's not getting generated, try running 
a clean build (i.e. delete kepler/build, $HOME/.kepler and kepler/kar 
and start with an 'ant buildkarlib'.

If you want to add an actor to the tree, you have to add an entry in the 
actorList.moml file and put the annotation in there.


Shawn Bowers wrote:
> It sounds like you are/were using an old version of kepler.
> In the current version (which is now in flux because of the looming 
> release schedule), ontologies are being stored in a particular 
> configuration directory; and new files can be added (without changed any 
> code).
> Also, as soon as the object cache code is installed (Chad is working on 
> this now), we will move to a newer system for storing annotations, in 
> which annotations are being stored directly with the actor/component, so 
> you won't need to have an annotation file at all.
> I think, actually, in the new system, the annotation file might be 
> generated from the actor annotations themselves, which might explain the 
> annotations file in .kepler.
> -shawn
> Jianting Zhang wrote:
>> I updated Kepler on my personal laptop. Everything seems work fine 
>> exception that I kept on getting the following message
>>      [java] java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Documents and 
>> Settings\JIANTING ZHANG\.kepler\annotations (The system cannot find 
>> the file specified)
>> It seems that the location of annotation file has been changed from 
>> {kepler}/configs/ptolemy/configs/kepler/annotations.owl to 
>> {home}/.kepler\annotations. I guess {home}/.kepler\annotations is 
>> automatically generated. But how? Any documenation?
>> My work involves developing different actor libraries (Moml file, 
>> ontology, annotation) from exisiting GIS packages, such as GRASS and 
>> ArcGIS. Everytime when I want to put them into Kepler, I need to 
>> modifiy AnnotationEngine and OntologyCatalogy under 
>> {kepler}/src/org/ecoinformatics/seek/sms. My question is whehter it is 
>> possible to specify the annotation/ontology files in "configuration" 
>> just like specifiying Moml file for actors, so that I don't have to 
>> modify the source.
>> Thanks
>> Jianting 

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