[kepler-dev] SVG file in Kepler

Matthew Brooke brooke at nceas.ucsb.edu
Thu Nov 10 14:16:04 PST 2005

 > Just for the record, I support the idea of splitting the repository


Here are the 2 options:

1) adding a top-level 'dev' directory directly beneath 'kepler' but 
above src, lib and all the other dirs, like this:

kepler/dev/src,lib,etc(everything except docs)

*however* - if my understanding is correct, this will necessitate 
changes to the ant build file(s) and changes to the project setup of 
everyone using eclipse, jbuilder or other IDE's.

2) Leave the kepler repository as is, and pull out the docs into a 
different repository (kepler-docs). No build/dev environment changes 
would be necessary

In summary, I don't feel strongly either way, *but* I am personally 
volunteering to carry out option (2) immediately, without any further 
humming and hawing and generally procrastinating, since it is easy and 
quick to do, and would solve our problems.

If the majority of people want option (1) instead, then can someone 
please step up to the plate and do it, before things get further out of 



Dan Higgins wrote:
> Just for the record, I support the idea of splitting the repository
> Dan
> Chad Berkley wrote:
>> I noticed this too.  I think I proposed this months ago, but i'll do 
>> it again...I think the repository should be split like this:
>> kepler/dev
>> kepler/docs
>> All of the stuff you need to compile/run kepler would be in dev.  All 
>> the extraneous stuff would be in docs.  Then you could do a 'cvs co 
>> kepler/dev' and be a happy camper.
>> chad
>> Dan Higgins wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>>     I just checked out a new copy of the head of Kepler CVS and 
>>> wondered why it seemed to take longer than in the past.
>>>     One reason appears to be that we now have ~ 60 MB of SVG files! 
>>> (in kepler\docs\dev\usability\graphics\svg\). This is the same size 
>>> as the jar directory which has our huge collection of jars needed for 
>>> Kepler!
>>>     Apparently, the SVG files are just the new icons suggested by 
>>> Laura. But why are they so big? (about 500KB each). I thought vector 
>>> graphic files were supposed to be compact. Are we going to ship all 
>>> these with Kepler? Can we put them somewhere other than CVS so we 
>>> don't have to copy them with every checkout?
>>> Dan


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