[kepler-dev] enum warning

Kevin Ruland kruland at ku.edu
Fri Nov 4 04:04:26 PST 2005


I actually suspect we could use the axis client side with globus 
services.    There is this claim of SOAP interoperability which is much 
better in theory than practice :).  The biggest problem is the client 
side code is delivered as jars which have been compiled with the 
ogsa-supplied axis.  If we were to instead deliver wsdl/xsd and compile 
them from kepler, we might actually have a shot at using new axis2 with 
ogsa.  Simply dropping in axis2's jars with the current ecogrid client 
jars would be a disaster.

One thing to consider is the targeted platform.  If we are coding to 1.4 
then this is really a non-problem.  Of course Java5 does have many nice 
features including enhanced concurrency objects, typed containers and 
fixes to the infamous singleton initialization problems (jsr-133).  All 
told, if we can commit to using 5, we should.

In other news...I have reworked the Digir server into a straight web 
service already.  I built it with axis 1.2.1 (which has the enum problem 
and is not even the latest released axis).  I am currently going through 
some performance tests after removing the factory mechanism.

One thing I would be insterested in is if the axis2 wsdl2java system can 
handle the repeatable choice types...


Matt Jones wrote:

> True, but we should be able to upgrade as soon as you and jing and 
> lucas refactor the EcoGrid gris service to be just a plain web 
> service.  Once that is done, then we wont need the OGSA code any 
> longer and can upgrade axis, right?
> Matt
> Kevin Ruland wrote:

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