[kepler-dev] Writing Files inside workflows

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Wed May 25 15:42:53 PDT 2005

This interesting. It is again related  to usability of the actors. Both  
actors write a string to file but there are places where FileWriter is  
useful and places where TextFileWriter is useful.

We need to take these actors and try to parameterize where they are  
different and why. Then we can have one file writer actor that does  
both of what these actors do partially and we can know (and control)  
what the actor does by configuring it from the user interface.

This would be the "Merge" step in the Kepler development principal  
which can be summarized as:
	1. Define your requirements;
           2. Reuse existing development if possible;
           3. Extend features if needed;
           4. Add new components if they don’t exist;
           5. Merge features if they can be generalized.

This can be an evolving (spiral) method to develop more functional and  
generic actors.

Just a thought...

On May 25, 2005, at 12:55 PM, Dan Higgins wrote:

> Hi All,
>     There are currently several actors in Kepler for writing text  
> files:
> e.g. 'org.geon.FileWrite' and 'org.resurgence.actor.TextFileWriter'.
> These actors apparently do the same thing (write a string to a file)  
> but
> the details of how they do it can apparently make a big difference! Let
> me explain.
>     The GARP workflow "garpModel_ASC_withData.xml" is an example of
> getting species locations from Digir and then running GARP. The species
> locations (longitude, latitude pairs) are concatenated into a string  
> and
> then written to a file that is an input to the GarpPresampleLayers
> actor. Originally, the workflow used a FileWriter actor to write the
> input long,lat file. This seemed to work fine. Recently, however, I
> tested this workflow again and had all sorts of problems (Kepler
> crashes, strange error messages, etc.) In trying to figure out the
> problem, I discovered that the Digir sources have apparently be updated
> and are now returning more locations than before. The location file is
> thus longer (and takes more time to write). To summarize a whole bunch
> of debugging, the problem was apparently the FileWriter! FileWriter
> writes the file in the postfire method and then doesn't close the file
> until the wrapup method (in its parent LineWriter class). But I was
> using it in the middle of a workflow; I really want it to completely
> write and close the file before the next actor starts reading the file.
> It thus looks like there are some threading/timing issues with using
> FileWriter.
>     Well, it turns out that TextFileWriter does all of its work writing
> a file INSIDE the 'fire' method. If I replace the FileWriter with the
> resurgence TextFileWriter, all the problems I was having disappear!
>     So the lesson appears to be that internal details can be very  
> important!
> Dan
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