[kepler-dev] PtolemyII 5.0beta release

Carlos A. Rueda carueda at ucdavis.edu
Tue May 24 00:36:08 PDT 2005

Many thanks to all your replies.

Please see some more comments/questions intermixed below (somewhat in
the order I've tried things...)

Dan Higgins wrote:
 > [...]
 >  the ant build file 'build-ptolemy' is used and if you look at
 > its contents, it explicitly excludes certain Ptolemy source directories
 > where we had compilation problems. This includes the jai directory were
 > the Java Advanced Imaging source is included.

Thanks Dan; since I do have JAI, I just changed build-ptolemy.xml accordingly
and the JAI-based actors got compiled (perhaps a build.properties would help
for some customization). However, they still don't show up in the browser
menu, so ...

Shawn Bowers wrote:
 > Bertram Ludaescher wrote:
 >> The actors haven't been actually deleted in the Kepler
 >> repository.. they are just not shown in the browser menu.
 >> BTW -- Why are they not shown????
 > Because you haven't annotated them yet ;-)

... how can they be annotated?

Christopher Brooks wrote:
 > [...]
 > if the JAI actors are added to the Kepler configuration but JAI
 > is not present at runtime, then there will be problems at startup.
Shawn Bowers wrote:
 > [...]
 > But, we need a way to search and browse, without having to always "load"
 > the actors.

This a highly desirable feature (startup time should be significantly

As a general comment, some users would like to customize their ptolemy/kepler
environments in a way that only those packages they're interested in get
loaded (or at least to discard some heavy ones they don't depend on). I think
that would speed up development and tests. Is there currently an established
procedure to obtain a desired configuration in this sense?
Perhaps, the KSW mechanism will properly fulfill this request anyway, so the
question is: when will the KSW be usable?

Thanks again,

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