[kepler-dev] PtolemyII 5.0beta release

Shawn Bowers sbowers at ucdavis.edu
Mon May 23 16:45:10 PDT 2005


We ultimately want to set up a uber-repository for all of the kepler and 
ptolemy actors and workflows ...

But currently, we only include a subset of those by default in the 

However, you can, just like in Ptolemy, open any moml file in kepler -- 
so if you know the path to those files in ptolemy, you can also open 
those in kepler.  In fact, you can also add them directly to the 
hierarchy as well (a little more work, but possible).


Carlos A. Rueda wrote:
> Hi Dan, cvs admin, and all,
> I would like to start using some Ptolemy actors that are based on
> the Java Advanced Imaging system (JAI), but they are not included
> in the released kepler 1.0.0alpha6. Perhaps the current CVS version
> of Kepler already includes them but I apologize I have forgotten my
> cvs password (username: rueda)
> So my questions are:
> 1- Is the current CVS updated with the new actors in PtolemyII 5.0beta,
>     particularly those related with JAI?
>     If not, i) is there a time frame for that?, or ii) how can I instruct
>     kepler to load them?
> 2- Would the cvs admin please contact me about my password?
> Thanks.
> carlos
> Dan Higgins wrote:
>>Hi All,
>>    The Ptolemy project has released version 5.0beta of PtolemyII at
>>This link is to the source code version which can by used to build 
>>Kepler. You might want to use it instead of trying to get the CVS 
>>version of Ptolemy. It seems to work fine with the current Kepler CVS 
>>code; it won't reflect the latest changes in Ptolemy code but it is 
>>probably more stable and doesn't have a lot of experimental stuff that 
>>the Ptolemy CVS head does. You can also see the latest changes made in 
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