[kepler-dev] Deploying new actors

Carlos A. Rueda carueda at ucdavis.edu
Mon May 2 16:36:02 PDT 2005

Hi Efrat,

Yes, that worked. Thanks! (I had already added my jars to the classpath in kepler.sh).
To update kepler-configs.jar, I changed the target "jar-configs" in build.xml
to read:

   <!-- <target name="jar-configs" depends="compile-dev"> -->
   <target name="jar-configs" depends="init">
   ... no changes in body

The original target with dependence on "compile-dev" doesn't work; I think this
is because I would need to also install Ptolemy (as I did before), but was
wondering why that needs to be so since kepler still can be run?

Thanks again!


Efrat Jaegar wrote:
> Hi Carlos,
> Did you just modify the files under 'config' folder or did you modify
> kepler-configs.jar in the build directory?
> If you tried either way and it still doesn't work, try adding your actors
> to build/kepler.jar and just place the required jar files under lib/jar.
> Let me know if this helps,
> Efrat
> On Mon, 2 May 2005, Carlos A. Rueda wrote:

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