[kepler-dev] Deploying new actors

Carlos A. Rueda carueda at ucdavis.edu
Mon May 2 14:13:17 PDT 2005


I just downloaded kepler-1.0.0alpha6 and run ./kepler.sh. All
seems to be working. However, I haven't been able to run my
actors as I used to with a previous version. Specifically,
I have put my jar files under $KEPLER/lib/jar/ and updated
basicKeplerActorLibrary.xml and annotations.owl as Chad
indicates at the end of JNIHowTo.txt. I run ./kepler.sh
but my actors are not loaded (nor any errors are shown).
I guess I would need to perform a step to explicitly notify
about the existence of the new actors. In my previous environment
I used `ant run-dev' to run kepler, but this time I'd prefer
to use the "official" release.

Thanks in advance,


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