[kepler-dev] bugs from usability report

Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Tue Mar 8 14:19:57 PST 2005

In this case I'm only talking about annotations for a particular actor.  The
problem arises when you move an actor around but the annotation doesn't go
with it.

We would of course keep free floating text for general notes and annotations
for the entire workflow.

I think annotations for subsets of workflows would be a bit more difficult
since what happens if you move one in a group but not the others?  Then
where would the annotation go?  This is more for physical layout reasons on
the screen and the associated explanatory text that a user might have added
about a particular actor.

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Matt Jones writes:
 > Hey Dan,
 > You entered at least some of Laura's usability bugs/requests into 
 > Bugzilla, but Laura pointed out that not all of her recommendations are 
 > there.  For example, she recommended that annotations be directly linked 
 > to actors rather or in addition to free-floating on the canvas.  I 

I like that idea. Probably annotations should be associated with
*sets* of actors though since they often apply to a subset of them.

One could think of the current way of doing at as a special case, ie,
annotations that are associated with the empty set.. (or the full set
of all actors..!?)


 > searched for but could not find this in bugzilla.  Laura says there are 
 > other features missing that she outlined in her report.  Could you 
 > clarify, and if in fact they are missing could you make sure that the 
 > are *all* entered?  Thanks.
 > Matt
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