[kepler-dev] Kepler problems

Chad Berkley berkley at nceas.ucsb.edu
Wed Jul 20 09:02:50 PDT 2005

all of the class names within workflows are going to have to be changed 
as well.  do a search and replace within the workflow directory for any 
of those classes you moved.


Dan Higgins wrote:
> Hi Bing,
>     Your changes last night fixed the problem in compiling Kepler, but I 
> now have problems running any workflow that uses eml datasources. For 
> example, try opening the EML2 Simple Plot Example and you get
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 
> org.ecoinformatics.seek.datasource.QBTableauFactory
> (This is with a completely new checkout of Kepler this morning.)
> Dan

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