[kepler-dev] authentication manager GUI

Laura L. Downey ldowney at lternet.edu
Mon Jul 18 07:40:03 PDT 2005

I can spend a bit of time this week to mock something up.  It doesn't sound
like a complicated screen/dialog.

Ilkay can you email me or just give me a call so I can get the details of
the fields included and a general idea of the task we are trying to support?

Then I'll mock something up and send you a screenshot.


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We (me, Ilkay, Efrat, Jing, Karan, Sandeep) just got done with a phone
call regarding a new authentication subsytem in Kepler that we are going
to be building over the next few weeks.  The system requires a simple
dialog UI to collect some organization/username/password info.  Ilkay
and Efrat will be taking a first pass at the design of both the subsytem
and the UI, and then I will get a pass at it after Aug 11.  Would you
like to work with Ilkay (on a very tight schedule of a week or two) to
design the initial dialog, or should she prototype it and then you react
to that in a second pass?  Wanted you to have the opportunity.


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