[kepler-dev] Using Java3d in actors

Christopher Brooks cxh at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 14 17:28:25 PDT 2005

Hi Dan,
The installer includes Java3D and a bunch of other things in
the JRE that is optionally installed under Windows.

The JRE is used at runtime.  

At compile time, we tell people to install Java and then run
configure, which updates a makefile.  If the user has Java3D installed
then a makefile variable is set.  This variable is read in the
makefile above the directory where the Java3D code is.  So, see
$PTII/ptolemy/domains/makefile for code like this:

# PTJAVA3D_DIR is set by configure in $PTII/mk/ptII.mk to gr if
#   Java 3D was found

DOMAINS =	ci csp ct dde ddf de fsm pn sdf dt giotto petrinet \
		sr tm $(PTJAVA3D_DIR) wireless

I have some out of date notes about external packages at:

I think what Ilkay is asking is how do we modify the Kepler Ant build
files so that the classes that depend on Java3D are only built if
Java3D is present at compile time.

This is my chief complaint with Ant - it is a build system, not
a configuration system.  As Matt points out though, Ant is very fast,
which is a big advantage over make.

I'm sure someone has addressed this configuration issue in Ant?



    Hi Ilkay,
        Ptolemy includes Java3D in one of their installers for PTII-5beta. 
    I'll have to look at how they do it
    Ilkay Altintas wrote:
    >I have an actor that requires Java3d to be installed on the system to 
    >run Kepler. The build will give an error if Java3d is not installed on 
    >user's machine. Since we cannot have Java3d as a jar, the build file 
    >needs to understand if that part of the code need to be included or 
    >Do we need a configuration file for this? Any other ideas?
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