[kepler-dev] Kepler alpha7

Edward A. Lee eal at eecs.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 12 07:12:42 PDT 2005

The toolbar icons are from version 3.0 and the utilities and actor libraries
are from version 3.0... If the configuration is a copy of the standard
one, that would explain the libraries, but it would not explain the toolbar


At 01:57 PM 7/11/2005 -0700, Dan Higgins wrote:
>    Thanks for looking at the release and the comments!
>    Why do you think we are using version 3.0 of Ptolemy II? (If we are, 
> then I made a major mistake!) The build was (supposedly) made using the 
> head of the PTII CVS as of 10AM on 9 July. All the PTII code is the 
> kepler.jar file. If you click on the 'Ptolemy Introduction' link in the 
> intro.htm screen, we are linking to a screen that says "Ptolemy II 
> Version 5.1-devel".
>    Maybe we mislead you by not exposing all the latest models and 
> directors in the 'Workflow Component' tree on the left? It was decided to 
> only exposed four directors (CT, SDF, PN, and DE) so as to minimize 
> confusion for non-CS Kepler users. I think the code for most of the 
> actors in PTII 5.1 is included so most Ptolemy demos should work (if the 
> user has Java3D installed; I didn't include it in the distribution).
>    The first demo failure may have been due to you not being connect to 
> the Internet when running? [I never checked that case and it seems to run 
> OK on any machines that are connected.]
>    I'll look into the other comments that you made and see if I can fix 
> things. Thanks again.
>Dan Higgins
>Edward A. Lee wrote:
>>At 09:44 AM 7/11/2005 -0700, Dan Higgins wrote:
>>>Hi All,
>>>     There are preliminary versions of the Kepler alpha7 installers in
>>>the http://kepler-project.org/dist/ direcory. However, the web site has
>>>not been updated with links to these new versions. I propose not to
>>>create these new link for a few days to let you all check workflows of
>>>particular interest. (I know that some do not work. :-(  ) Let me know
>>>if you find problems or need the links added right away.
>>I just tried it out, and looks pretty good...
>>Here are some immediate reactions:
>>- This release appears to be based on version 3.0 of Ptolemy II.
>>   This is two major releases behind!
>>   5.0 has been released in beta, and will be finalized shortly...
>>   There are quite a few features of 4.0 and 5.0 that would be quite
>>   useful to this community, such as actor-oriented classes, the
>>   dynamic dataflow (DDF) director, much better 3-D rendering actors
>>   in the GR domain, lifecycle actors like ModelReference, etc.
>>- Using the Windows installer, with all the defaults chosen, kepler
>>   does not get put in the Start menu... Perhaps it should be by default?
>>- The first demo (EML 2) fails with:
>>   ptolemy.kernel.util.IllegalActionException: Error parsing the eml 
>> package: Exception in DataTypeResolver.
>>- The demos are not well sized and placed for a standard laptop screen.
>>   Displays pop up off screen, and the workflows spill over to the right.
>>   Also, some of them come up panned so that the whole demo is not visible.
>>- The third demo (GEON Map Workflow) gives: java.lang.NullPointerException
>>         at org.sdm.spa.WebService.fire(WebService.java:466)
>>         at ptolemy.actor.AtomicActor.iterate(AtomicActor.java:266)
>>        ...
>>   This is probably because I was not on the net when I ran it,
>>   but it seems there should be a friendlier error message...
>>- Many of the plots are unlabeled (no title, no legend).
>>- Some of the demos have no annotations.
>>- The backprop model gives:
>>java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no backprop in java.library.path
>>         at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(ClassLoader.java:1517)
>>         at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0(Runtime.java:788)
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Edward A. Lee
Professor, Chair of the EE Division, Associate Chair of EECS
231 Cory Hall, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720
phone: 510-642-0253 or 510-642-0455, fax: 510-642-2845
eal at eecs.Berkeley.EDU, http://ptolemy.eecs.berkeley.edu/~eal  

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