[kepler-dev] Problem with data searches

Rod Spears rods at ku.edu
Tue Jan 25 13:13:58 PST 2005

The issue is whether to be notifed if any of the searches of mulitple 
Digir resources have returned an error.

The $64K question: If the a search returns "some" results will the user 
assume they got "all" the results???

Maybe the error msg should say something like: "Not all the resources 
were able to provide data at this time."

"Not all the resources were able to provide data. Trying later may 
produce additional results."

"There was an error somewhere in the universe while attempting to 
provide the most basic results for your rather boring little workflow."


Dan Higgins wrote:

> Hi All,
>    With a new update of Kepler and after deleting the current cache 
> (.kepler dir) on Windows when doing a Data search for
> "IPCC" I get a dialog saying "There was error querying for 'IPCC'. 
> Please try again." even though 11 results appear. This may be coming 
> from the DIGR search, but the dialog should not appear since I do get 
> hits from Metacat.
>    Is anyone else seeing this dialog?
> Dan

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