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Matt Jones jones at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 24 09:14:54 PST 2005

Hi Laura,

Icons and SVG for ptolemy are described in detail in "Heterogeneous 
Concurrent Modeling and Design in Java", which is the ptolemy design 
document and is available here:

See section 5.7 for details on icons for actors, and in particular, 
Table 5.14 that lists the supported SVG primitives.

As these are scalable graphics, you only really need one version.  The 
trick is to be sure text is legible even when scaled down to a small 
size (as when it is displayed in the left hand tree).

The toolbar icons are gif images.  You can get a copy of the current 
versions from the Ptolemy source distribution, located at 

At our meeting last week, we decided Rod would work with you on much of 
the GUI stuff, but could you begin posting emails to kepler-dev instead 
of to me or Rod personally so that all kepler developers will be 
appraised of your efforts and direction as you proceed?  Thanks.


Laura L. Downey wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Do you think you could have one of the developers track things down in terms
> of which primitives.  I'm not totally sure I understand.  From my
> perspective I think of SVG's as being scalable (so they should look good at
> any size) but when I look at the small ones currently in Kepler they seem to
> degrade from the larger size.  I'm wondering if I'll have to ask the graphic
> designer to make both small and large versions of the actor (which doesn't
> quite make sense if we are using scalable graphics.)  Or do we need to
> perhaps enable the entire SVG format or something?
> And I'll need to know for sure about the formats of the other graphics.  Who
> would be best to ask?
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> Hi Laura,
> The actor icons in the tree(s) and as drawn on the canvas are actually 
> the same icon, which is in a limited form of SVG. The ptolmey folks only 
> support a few of the SVG primitives. They make the icons SVG so that 
> they can smoothly scale as the zoom level changes on the canvas -- 
> bitmaps would not work well here. One of the old ptolemy docs details 
> exaclty which SVG primitives are supported, but I have forgotten the 
> exact link (but I think a previous email in kepler-dev archives has a 
> pointer to the relevant section). Some of the other icons, such as on 
> the toolbar, are bitmaps (I think gifs, though I'm not sure without 
> checking).
> We've been having a good meeting. Lots of questions for you! Will be in 
> touch soon.
> Matt
> Laura L. Downey wrote:
>>Chad told me that the actor icons in Kepler are .svg files so I'm 
>>having the graphic designer do them in this format. But we are both 
>>wondering if the small 16X16 icons in the tree on the actor and data 
>>tabs are also .svg files or are they just regular .gifs or something?
>>Laura L. Downey
>>Senior Usability Engineer
>>LTER Network Office
>>Department of Biology, MSC03 2020
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>>505.277-2541 fax
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