[kepler-dev] SRB service will not be available 3:00 pm Friday until Next Monday

Bing Zhu bzhu at sdsc.edu
Thu Aug 25 15:22:47 PDT 2005

Dan, Jing and Efrat,

SDSC will have a power shutdown this weekend. Some machines will
be down early at 3:00 pm Friday. So SRB service will not be
available starting 3:00 pm until next Monday.

SRB Team
San Diego Supercomputer Center

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Hi all,

If possible I would like to start shutting down SAM-QFS services at 3:00
PM on Friday.  Please let me know if there are any planned demos that
will prevent me from doing this.  Otherwise please inform your users
that SRB will be unavailable from 3:00 PM on Friday until after machine
room cooling comes back online.  The targeted time for cooling to be
back online is Sunday at noon.  It may be sooner but there may be delays


This is to alert you that starting Friday evening, August 26, 2005, the
entire SDSC building will be shutdown by Physical Plant Services for a
period of up to 48 hours.  The purpose of this shutdown is to allow a
transfer of the electrical loads for the building in preparation for a
major electrical upgrade, scheduled for completion in early 2006.  It is
a rare event that a building is shutdown and it is only done when
absolutely necessary.  The power that drives the mechanical and building
systems such as alarms, cooling, elevators, ventilation, office lights
and office power will be down. All equipment on rooftops and elsewhere
in the building will also be affected. Without lights, ventilation, and
building alarms the building is not a safe working environment; please
do not come to the building that weekend. Only authorized personnel are
permitted to be in the building during the shutdown as part of Cal/OHSA

There will be power in the machine room but no cooling or ventilation.
Therefore it will be impossible for us to keep anything up except a
limited amount of absolutely critical equipment due to the heat problem
it creates.

We know that this will be a major inconvenience for some of you.   We
have worked hard to coordinate a number of activities to be done during
the shutdown to avoid the need for future shutdowns when the upgrades to
the electrical capacity are installed.  As already mentioned, only
absolutely critical systems can be kept up in the machine room and those
only in so far as we can control the temperatures.   Please send email
to machineroom at sdsc.edu if you have a request to keep a critical system

We really appreciate everyone's cooperation.  Additional information
will be sent as we draw closer to the date advising you of what services
such as email etc that you may be able to access remotely as well as
more specific times for the shutdown.

Mary Hart

Director of Administration and Operations

Mike Datte

Facilities Manager

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