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Jing Tao tao at nceas.ucsb.edu
Mon Aug 8 13:41:10 PDT 2005

Hi, Bing:

I also put the comment below.


Bing Zhu wrote:

>Hi Jing and Chad,
>I put my comments below.
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>Hi, Bing:
>Chad and I took a look at the source code package in the new
>org.kepler.objectmanager. We are wondering if
>org.kepler.objectmanager.data sub-directory  is better in
>org.kepler.data or org.kepler.datasource. You know, they are not part of
>object manager and mainly put the data file into a local relational db.
>[Bing] If there is place called 'org.kepler.data' or
>          it is a good place for putting data related classes into it.
No, there isn't yet. But you may create it.

>By the way,  there are still 7 classes named such as
>EcogridCompressedDataCacheItem in org.ecoinformatics.seek.datasource.
>They are sub-classes of DataCacheObject. So I think it is better to put
>the 7 classes into org.kepler.objectmanager.cache dir in which their
>parent is.
>[Bing] I left 7 classes in org.ecoinformatics.seek.datasource since they
>          are apparently dealing with data from ecogrid. So I think it is
>          appropriate for them to stay there. Let me know.
Eventually we will move everything from org.ecoinformatics.seek to 
org.kepler. Since those files are children of DataCacheObject, it is 
better to put in org.kepler.objectmanager.cache.

>How do you think about the re-arrangement? If you agree, would you mind
>moving them? Thanks.
>[Bing] No problem. Once we agree on how to rearrange those files, I will do
>         it immediately.
>The EcogridDataCacheItem was the subclass from DataCacheItem, but now it
>comes from DataCacheObject. In kepler, the code still has both
>DataCacheItem and DataCacheObject class.  What is the difference between
>them? Is DataCacheObject a replacement of DataCacheItem?
>[Bing] The 'DataCacheItem' was renamed to 'DataCacehObject' since we have
>          new design for 'cache items'. I am surprised that somewhere still
>uses 'DataCacheItem'.
>[Bing] The 'cache item' in DataCacheItem is really a headache for the new
>          of 'cache items' for ksw file. The old implementation use a base
>class 'DataCacheObject'
>          as basic class for cache items. There are 2 kinds of cache items,
>'DataCacheObject' and 'DataCacheFileObject',
>         where 'DataCacheFileObject' is a subclass of 'DataCacheObject'.
>         But 'DataCacheFileObject' is defined as a class to implement
>'Runnable', I don't understand why. Obviously,
>         the previous design of cache manager is to handle caching data from
>ecogrid.  But now we have re-designed
>         cache items for ksw. So we need to talk about it!!!!!

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