[kepler-dev] Kepler and soaplab

Mendis, Michael E. MMENDIS at PARTNERS.ORG
Wed Apr 13 12:37:30 PDT 2005

Thanks for the help with Kepler.  I have been looking at soaplab
(http://www.ebi.ac.uk/soaplab/) partially due to the  ability to get a jobId
from the soaplab services.  The following state-full implementation:

1)   String jobID = createJob (inputs);    // create a job with input data
(inputs) are a java.util.Map
2)   run (jobID);               		 // execute the job
3)   waitFor (jobID);                      // wait for its completion
4)   java.util.Map results = getResults (jobID);         // retrieve resulting
data in a Map object

I assume that each of the four would be a single web service actor
representation in the kepler application.  The status of 'JobID' is a string,
while the 'inputs' are a java.util.map.  I was wondering how to represented a
map actor within kepler, so that I can pass it into the input to the web service

Do I need to create a Array/Hashtable/Collection->Map Actor?  Also I was looking
at the developer documentation, and to get eclipse to work, you need a read-only
accoutn with CVS, if there is a webpage for it, where is it?

Thanks alot

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