[kepler-dev] How to install new actors

Ilkay Altintas altintas at sdsc.edu
Wed Oct 20 09:38:29 PDT 2004

I think an API interface that lets the developers to add lsid 
annotations to actors and also to add the annotated actors into the 
flat file is really required. This is also important in  the case of 
the web service harvester  where we need to add the actors to the flat 
file on the fly.

I think Shawn has already plans to provide this functionality.


On Oct 20, 2004, at 9:05 AM, Dan Higgins wrote:

> Shawn,
>    I want to install and test a new actor I am working on. What are 
> the files that I need to modify to make a new actor appear in the 
> tree? Even a brief summary without all the details would be useful. 
> (At this point, I don't care if it is in the ontology; I just want it 
> to show up in the tree.)
> Dan
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