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Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Fri Oct 15 15:29:44 PDT 2004

>>>>> "IA" == Ilkay Altintas <altintas at sdsc.edu> writes:
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>> At 01:29 PM 10/14/2004 -0700, Ilkay Altintas wrote:
>> >The problem is, since attributeChanged is being called
>> >everytime I update the operation names, or in the constructor, etc..
>> >So when I save and reopen the test workflows, all the link to
>> >the configured actor is gone because the ports have been
>> >renewed.
>> Even if you fix this, I think that deleting ports is risky because
>> it discards user data.  Perhaps a reasonable compromise would be to
>> delete a port only if the newly selected service does not require
>> a port with the same name... This way, if you switch services
>> but they have common port names, you don't lose connections...

I like the idea that updating the WSDL url (or WS operation) to
another WS/operation having some of the same ports *keeps* and reuses
those ports instead of dropping them.. if we could do that, it would
be cool.

IA> Edward,
IA> Thanks for the tip... In the case of the web service actor, I 
IA> believe checking the port names wouldn't solve the problem 
IA> because everytime I open the workflow, the operation name is 
IA> being set to empty string again and everytime I add a new 

isn't that where the problem is? Why is the operation the empty

When I save an instantiated WS actor (let's say WS_blast_simple),
doesn't the saved version "remember" the WSDL URL and operation name??


IA> choice to the operation name, the attributeChanged is being 
IA> called again. 
IA> So I checked the url, operation name and state of the actor 
IA> before the url and operation had changed. Depending on that 
IA> state, I apply the changes (sometimes partially) or not. It 
IA> looks like this has solved the problem for now.
IA> I was wondering if there could be a safer way of doing GUI and
IA> port updates without having to do it right when the attributes
IA> are changed. Like collecting the changes somehow and applying 
IA> them at once so that the changes in the middle won't change 
IA> the GUI and port configuration. Would changeRequest() be used 
IA> for this purpose?
IA> Thanks,
IA> Ilkay
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