[kepler-dev] New actor tree

Shawn Bowers bowers at sdsc.edu
Thu Oct 14 09:34:20 PDT 2004

Actors > Constants > Documentation > Annotation

This is actually a great example ... The plain text name of the actor is 
Annotation -- it's class name is TextAttribute.  Need to go back and 
look at the plain-text search.

Sorry, no documentation -- it is a work in progress :)

Also, if you want to add an actor, you'll have to contact the curator 
(i.e., me).   Hopefully soon there will be some better support for 
adding new actors. The main idea is that you (1) obtain a unique 
identifier for the actor and then (2) you assign an annotation to it, 
e.g., one of the default class names currently in the actor library. The 
goal is that by doing this, the actor will automatically show up in the 
library in the appropriate location.


Dan Higgins wrote:
> Shawn & Chad,
>    I am looking at yout new actor tree organization and trying to find 
> things. It looks pretty good!
> But I had a problem finding the "Annotation" actor. The search didn't 
> seem to work for me (for 'Annotation' only; other searches seem to work.)
>    Also, is there any documentation on how the system works (i.e. how 
> can we add new actors as we develop them)
> Dan

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