[kepler-dev] scope, design of the Ecogrid registry vs Kepler registry

Bertram Ludaescher ludaesch at sdsc.edu
Wed Oct 13 15:54:40 PDT 2004

Matt et al:

Another topic that came up in todays meeting was the EcoGrid
registry. Bing is working on an XML Schema for the registry schema. 
I also found some other documentation, e.g. here:


Here are my questions:

1. Are additional design docs available?
2. What is the planned functionality, scope, and schema of this
registry, and last not least
3. How does it relate to the planned Kepler actor repository that we
have been talking about recently? (aka load an actor from a remote
repository kind of stuff...)

It seems that a Kepler actor repository might very well subsume the
Ecogrid registry, since instantiated web service actors would have all 
the info that the Ecogrid service registry has and probably more
(e.g., semantic annotations)

Overall it seems that at least the following issues need to be addressed:

(a) schema definition f the repository (e.g., need to store WSDLs,
Kepler actor jars, semantic annotations etc. in the case of the Kepler 
actor repository)  

(b) repository access functions: how to register stuff into the
repository, how to update and delete from the repository, and how to
query and get it out?

Part (a) sounds like a SMODD (simple matter of database design ;-) ...
Are there any repository standards that we could use? 



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